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What is Pinecone Hospitality?

Pinecone hospitality is a virtual receptionist which will take your service quality to the next level.

It will enable your guests to access your services with their mobile devices from the comfort of their rooms at any time.

With a simple and intuitive interface intended for the guests as well as the staff, you can use all the advantages this system has to offer.

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Increase guest spending

The Pinecone Hospitality system gives your guests an opportunity to find what they are looking for at any given time
  • Requesting and booking additional services more easily
  • Interactive and better service presentation
  • 24/7 service wherever you may be
  • Insight into special offers and promotions
  • Tailor-made offer

Improve your rating

With the Pinecone Hospitality system make sure your guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay at your hotel

Access information quickly and easily

With a structured overview of all information in a language of your guests' choice, and prices shown in familiar currencies, make your guests feel at home.

Tell your guests
"You are important to us"

Give your guests an option to file a complaint, give compliments or make suggestions, and take it one step further - show your guests you care by directly communicating with them and responding quickly to their demands while they are still at the hotel.

Get feedback from guests during and after their stay

With the survey system you can easily collect necessary information from your guests. Whether it is a standardised survey or a short-term one, Pinecone Hospitality enables you to easily enter your data, deliver it to your guests and quickly analyse survey results.

Find out what your guests want

With the Pinecone Hospitality system make good decisions faster
  • Determine if there is a demand for a specific service and act accordingly

    The collected data will help you classify your guests and establish the most profitable groups by using different criteria, and also, help you find a way to seize their attention. The collected data can be embedded into an existing CRM database or you can simply create a new one.
  • Identify missed sales opportunities

    Eliminate any problems while creating an offer with the service information obtained using the Pinecone Hospitality system. Pinecone Hospitality can help you create an optimal offer, set the right price and find the best way to promote it. If your business missed out on sales opportunities, Pinecone Hospitality can help you identify and take advantage of them.
  • Upgrade your CRM and reporting system with a new data dimension

    If you are using CRM software, upgrade it with a large collection of new data. Pinecone Hospitality not only obtains processed requests but also gives you an insight into the exact number of clicks a particular service receives, and the time spent on each one. This is something promotional brochures and other materials cannot offer you.

Make it easy on your staff and reduce expenses

With the Pinecone Hospitality system manage your daily activities more efficiently
  • Avoid waiting in line at the front desk

    By providing your guests with a simple alternative to requesting a service and accessing information, you can avoid waiting in line at the front desk.
  • Increase efficiency with smarter workload distribution

    Let requests your guests make reach directly the person in charge. For example, if someone orders food, send the request to a restaurant of their choice, and if someone is interested in taking a trip, let a travel agency take care of it.
  • Reduce the need for preparing, printing and distributing promotional materials

    As with any other type of digital media, it can help you reduce the need for promotional materials which will in turn enable you to keep up with technology changes.
  • Connect with external partners and suppliers

    By giving your partners access to the Pinecone Hospitality system you can improve your offer and increase your revenue. Your employees will not have to take on more tasks since external partners will enter their information and process guests' inquiries and requests themselves.
Pinecone Hospitality offers your guests the following services...
  • Food & beverages
  • Excursions
  • Massage & spa
  • Surveys and reception inquiries
  • Souvenirs
  • Destinations
  • Tourist information
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel information
  • Transport & rent‑a‑car
... and many more.
For more information, or if you wish to discuss possible cooperation, feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions shortly.
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