Custom solutions


More posibilities

Brewery keg tracking

Management process monitoring system beer barrels

surgery instruments tracking

Monitor the whole process

what ever you can imagine

Custom solutions


  • Automatic counting at reception and dispatch
  • Automatic creation of documents (receipts and delivery notes)
  • Control and quick detection of incorrect shipment / someone else's barrel
  • Automatic warning and correction of incorrect records

... be more efficient and avoid unnecessary costs

  • Reduce management time and costs
  • Increase availability
  • Quickly find out the quantity and type also the location from which the barrel came
  • Reduce costly shipping errors and find quickly recover "lost" barrels
  • Live monitor the state of the warehouse in the brewery and at the locations of user
  • Increase the quality of service with fast and accurate deliveries


  • Gain precise information & optimize your process​.
  • Tracking of workwear, corporate clothing and personal protective equipment with 100% accuracy


Possibility of integrations

  • Automatization systems (sorting/sorting, packaging, printing, collecting...)
  • ERP / HR / BI etc.

Expand your capacity!

  • Flexible configuration - easy addition of new ones sets/types/categories of items and new points in the process
  • System administration through the WEB interface
  • Operating interface
  • Terminals with touch screen + Mobile devices


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