Round table “Croatian technologies for Croatian tourism”


On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Zagreb Development Agency organized a round table on the topic “Croatian technologies for Croatian tourism”.
The purpose of the Round Table was to introduce leading experts from the tourism sector to companies from the Zagreb Technology Park that are winners of domestic and international awards and develop innovative products specifically for the tourism sector.

At the round table “Croatian innovative technologies for Croatian tourism”, Vedran Vetma from Pinecone presented Pinecone Hospitality and ideas for improving the tourist offer to the participants.

The event was attended by: Sanja Škrinjar, director of the Krapinsko-Zagorje County Tourist Board, Petra Novak from Termi Tuhelj, Dino Oreški from Dubrovnik Sun Gardens, Igor Poznić, an expert in digital marketing, Maja Zlokić from the Croatian Hotspots magazine and portal, and Stjepan Balent from T-portal.

At the Round Table, guests and participants touched on various topics. They openly discussed the problems plaguing Croatian companies and Croatian tourism stakeholders who are faced with the challenges of frequent changes in legal regulations. The presentations of the companies of the Zagreb Technology Park were very interesting because they illustrated how important it is to follow the trends in new technologies through applications and products, because any delay can make the tourist offer inadequate, and in tourism it is crucial not to lag behind the competition.

The common conclusion is that despite all the problems faced by entrepreneurs in successful companies, there is a positive perspective and potential that is being realized slowly but surely.

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